Virtual Events & Production

A/V & Media IT Services

Metasonde provides managed technology and production infrastructure services uniquely suited to audio/video, media production, and creative organizations. Learn more about our Information Technology portfolio.

Virtual Events & Digital-First Experiences

Create compelling online experiences with virtual events that capture new audiences for local events, government meetings, trade shows, conferences, sales demonstrations, and corporate training.  Includes interactive live meetings, webinars, and podcasts.

Live Streaming & Hybrid

Reach your customers, constituents, teams, and more by live streaming your event to audiences large and small, private or public.  Open up existing spaces for virtual and hybrid production capability.

In-Home and In-Office Studios

Custom design and support for in-home or in-office streaming studios that support recurring online meetings and events.

Event Connectivity Services

Interconnect live events between locations and communities.  We provide a customized vendor-agnostic solution to share live content, including graphics and production elements.