Our Story

Meta, what?!?

We’re Metasonde, it’s nice to meet you! You aren’t the first person to ask what our name means.

META (meta- meaning beyond) + SONDE (pronounced “sond”) which is a tool you use to measure.

Sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. We like to think it means beyond measurement. And that simple two word principle guides what Metasonde does every day for our clients.

Our mission is simple, we use a unique approach that combines enterprise technology practices and expertise to serve small organizations and businesses. The people behind your businesses—small or large—need and deserve access to technology that works for you. We sign no contracts with vendors, we simply recommend and support the technology best matched to your needs. Make no mistake, Metasonde is passionate about technology, however our mission is to go beyond technical specs. We seek to become a part of your organization, embrace its mission, and cultivate technology to empower your success. That is how we deliver beyond measurement.

If you want to know more technical information: we are well versed in Microsoft and Apple devices, Windows & Linux servers, on-premises and cloud based infrastructure, virtualization, VoIP telephony, and copper, fiber, and wireless networking. For the web: we primarily work with WordPress. For audio/video: we work with SDI and NDI based systems, encoding and streaming, audio and video switchers, and playback automatic systems. This is just to name a few, please contact us if you’d like more information.

We serve businesses and organizations around the Merrimack Valley, North Shore, and Greater Boston area. What sets us apart are our technology services for audio/video and media production facilities. We are proud to serve a number of media organizations in our area and provide a unique skill set to help technology work for them. Our media services extend to live virtual events and digital-first experiences, providing businesses and organizations an innovative way to communicate and continue their mission.

Metasonde is a proud member of MassAccess.

Meet the Founder

Seth Graham is the Founder and President of Metasonde. He brings more than 15 years of technology experience spanning from enterprise data centers to your desktop PC — this is in tandem with work in the media industry from local access and major market broadcast media — including television, radio, and digital. Metasonde is the culmination of those experiences to create a unique blend of services.

A proud computer geek, Seth has grown with the industry from dial up internet and building PCs — to designing and implementing infrastructure powering businesses of all sizes.

Beyond IT, Seth has extensive experience in the media and news industry. Starting in his high school years, he has been heavily involved in local community access media and the early days of podcasting. A start which provided the knowledge and skill to ascend the ranks to broadcast media in Boston and New England. Seth remains unwavering in his passion towards community media and has been actively involved ever since. Today, he remains an active volunteer and serves on the Board of Directors for a local access corporation.

A native of Methuen, Massachusetts and alum of St. John’s Prep and Emerson College — he resides in the Merrimack Valley. In his spare time, when not playing with computers, cameras, or microphones — Seth enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, tracking weather models, and maintaining a somewhat healthy devotion to theme parks that were “started by a mouse”.